Why Do Some Tall, Rich & Handsome Singapore Men Look For Escorts?

Now, it may feel like tall, rich, handsome and eligible men should not have to need to pay for escorts. However, it happens often in real life. Why is that the case? Here are some of the common reasons.

They want a no strings attached relationship

Some men simply do not want any kind of emotional attachments, or commitments. The following are some of the potential reasons why some men do not want a normal relationship.

Fear of commitment

Yes it is true. There are men who simply fear commitment. There is no reason other than them actually fearing commitment. Therefore, if a man is like that, he will be too mentally worried to enter a ‘serious’ relationship. Therefore, to keep his options open, he prefers having a no strings attached relationship.

Could be temporarily in Singapore as an expat

Some people are living in Singapore only as an expat. This means that they will be leaving Singapore after a few short years. This means that they would rather not have to deal with a long distance relationship in future, and to overcome that altogether in the future, they simply turn only to no strings attached relationships now.

Some men are heavily focused on their careers

Many men are career focused – especially in a capitalistic nation like Singapore, and where the cost of living is sky high. With condo and landed housing reaching unbelievable highs, COE prices never dropping, and luxury items always being expensive, many ambitious Singapore men prefer putting all their time, focus and effort into their careers. They would rather put that focus into their careers than spending time on nurturing a boy-girl relationship. As a result, they have no interest in maintaining a long term relationship now.

Lack of free time

Some men are in jobs like surgery, or investment banking, where the working hours are either odd, or extremely long. Since most Singaporean girls prefer having a guy whom they can meet daily after work, this is not going to work out very well for these ambitious and successful men.

Constantly travelling

There are also some successful men in Singapore, running an international business or perhaps are required to travel constantly for their high paying job. As a result, they are unable to commit to a typical relationship’s time expectations.

No desire to ever have a family

Some people simply do not desire to have a wife and kids. They want to remain single forever. For these people, they are doing the ethical thing by only going for no strings attached relationships. They are not stringing anyone along.

Burnt by rejections when younger

Believe it or not, many tall, rich and handsome men were not so rich and handsome when they were younger.

In fact, many of them were poor, and fat or skinny. They then used this as motivation to become successful and fit. It is in fact a very common theme throughout Singapore.

Lack of confidence

Therefore, they may prefer sticking to a no strings attached relationship such as escorts or sugar dating, so that they are in charge. They do not want to ‘fall in love’ only to get rejected once again – though that will probably never happen to them now.

Conclusion – usually a combination of factors

At the end, it is most likely a combination of the various different factors that cause some tall, rich and handsome men to look for escorts instead of ‘dating normally’!

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